2020 Issue 3


Pat Mattingly, Inc.

At its core, Pat Mattingly, Inc. is a family business that is currently being run by Pat, who turned 79 in September 2020; his daughter Mary Anne Fallis; and his youngest son Jason. Pat’s older sons, Jim and Eric, are retired military and have continued with other careers. Jim is a computer systems contractor, and Eric is a pilot for UPS.


Sherman Minton Renewal Announces Preferred Alternative for Construction

Launched in 2018, the Sherman Minton Renewal is a $90+ million bridge rehabilitation and painting project that will significantly extend the service life of the 57-year-old bridge. The project team has spent nearly two years coordinating with public officials, community leaders, business owners and the general public to determine a plan that allows for maximum access to the bridge while providing a safe environment for drivers and contractors working on repairs.


5 Deadly Sins of Business

Throughout my academic and business career, there has always been one icon referenced to which so many business management practices point — Peter Drucker. We lost Peter Drucker in November of 2005, but the legacy and managing principles he leaves behind forever fashioned the way many of us developed our leadership style over the years. He was revered as the father of modern corporate management.


Message from Rick Taylor

This issue’s President’s Message is not directly related to the trucking industry, but it is a message that impacts all of us. I could have taken the easy path and written a message about the new hours of service rule (visit for a great summary) or a message thanking all our professional drivers (Thank you!!!). Instead, I decided to address a subject that should be talked about, systemic racism.