Pub. 1 2020 Issue 3

By Dr. David Guess, Chairman of the Board, Kentucky Trucking Association
By Pat Mattingly, Inc.
By Kentucky Trucking Association

By David Guess, Ph.D., SPHR, Chairman Kentucky Trucking Association Usher Transport, Inc.

What’s that, a photo, possibly in a public gathering, and no mask? Oh no, the nerve to dare breathe openly like that. Hello, and welcome to another edition to our quarterly Kentucky Trucker Magazine…

By Rick Taylor, President Kentucky Trucking Association

This issue’s President’s Message is not directly related to the trucking industry, but it is a message that impacts all of us. I could have taken the easy path and written a message about the new hours of service rule (visit for a great summary) or a message thanking all our professional drivers (Thank you!!!). Instead, I decided to address a subject that should be talked about, systemic racism…

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