Pub. 2 2021 Issue 1


2021 Regular Legislative Session Roundup

Budget issues were the predicted and predictable hot topic for the 30-day session of the 2021 General Assembly. The outcome of the session was not that predictable. The General Fund and Road Fund budgets turned out to be somewhat routine copies of the prior year’s budget. Since Kentucky became a state in 1792, budgets covered two-year blocks of appropriations for each biennium until last year. The 2020 General Assembly broke the biennial pattern by adopting a one-year budget, thus requiring the 2021 General Assembly to enact a new budget for the second year of the current biennium.

Welcome New Members

Welcome New Members

Lighthouse Trailer Sales and Leasing Chuck Ray, General Manager2809 Russellville Rd. Bowling Green, KY 42101 lighthousetrailersales.com270 At Lighthouse Trailer Sales & Leasing, our GOAL is to be the most admired full-service trailer leasing and sales company in the transportation industry. We are built on customer satisfaction, dedication to relationships, and going the extra mile. …

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Trucking’s Data Miners: Shaping Industry Policy with Independent Research and Analysis

For Rebecca Brewster, President and Chief Operating Officer for the American Transportation Research Institute, the answers to the trucking industry’s most pressing issues are always in the data. For whatever problems she and the organization she leads are trying to solve their motto is to never look further than what the data tells you. Often, that is your best start to finding a solution.


Member Focus – Getting To Know – Permit America

Permit America’s primary service is to provide Overdimension/Overweight (OD/OW) permits to the Specialized Carrier industry. Permit America also provides Annual, Temporary Trip (IRP) and Fuel (IFTA) permits to any carrier not appropriately credentialed. Permit America has purchasing authority for all 48-contiguous United States, most Canadian provinces and dozens of local (city or county) DOT agencies. They serve a wide variety of customers, including major trucking companies with regional terminals and hundreds of power units and trailers, to individual owners and operators with one truck or trailer. Permit America tries to custom build permit solutions for their customers and has a very savvy information technology team that can provide innovative approaches to operational efficiency. These include a one-button solution that captures load data directly from their customers’ networks, a web-based portal and email submittals.