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Message from the President

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Kentucky Trucker 2021 Directory

Dear KTA Members:
Welcome to the 2021 Kentucky Trucking Association Membership Directory. Please use this directory as a resource to partner with outstanding businesses, people, products, and services from member suppliers who have committed to serving our industry. Our membership has great passion and a desire for excellence as leaders of the trucking industry in Kentucky. Our mission is to promote the trucking industry by educating governmental entities, the general public, customers, and related industry groups, through advocacy, career development, and the support of value-added programs that enhance industry safety and productivity. Safety is always our number one priority as we support improved driver training and investment in the latest safety technologies. It is proven that the safest carriers are the most profitable carriers. In 2019 our industry employed 109,300 Kentuckians and paid over $5.1 billion in wages. We moved 92% of all manufactured tonnage and provided the only means to move goods in 89.2% of Kentucky’s communities. These numbers show what hard-working men and women in the industry already know; the trucking industry provides good-paying jobs and excellent career opportunities. There is no doubt; we are the backbone of the economy. We certainly proved this is 2020 with our tireless efforts to keep our country’s supply chain moving during a historic crisis. As we begin a new year together, we must unite as one team to push our agenda in Kentucky and in Washington. This will be very important with a new President, a new Congress, and newly state elected officials that may not understand our industry’s concerns or needs. Please remember our state motto that flies proudly on our flag, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” These words were adopted on December 20, 1792. Two hundred and twenty-eight years later, they remain so true. Something you may not know, on April 11, 2002, Kentucky adopted a Latin motto “Deo gratiam habeamus” into law, which in English means, Let us be grateful to God. Thank you for your membership, sponsorship, advertisements, and your partnership. I was so humbled by your generosity this past year. As always, I encourage everyone to get involved in your Association, and please provide feedback to me so we can improve your experience as a member and increase our success. Your input is so valuable and makes us better. I look forward to serving you and building a strong team together. I hope you will help shape our industry’s future.