Pub. 2 2021 Issue 3


Kentucky Trucking Association 2021 Driver of the Year: Mr. Matthew Alpaugh, ABF Freight

Pictured are Rick Taylor, Matthew Alpaugh, and J.P. Rimstidt

The motor carrier industry has a great responsibility of making our roads as safe as possible for all the motoring public. We can use the best safety technology available on our vehicles, but ultimately the driver is the most important part of the safety equation. Making the selection for Driver of the Year is not always easily done because each applicant is deserving of this honor. The 2021 Driver of the Year is Mr. Matthew Alpaugh with ABF Freight. Mr. Alpaugh has worked as a professional driver for 31 years, the last 11 with ABF. His manager, J.P. Rimstidt, said, “He has been a tremendous resource to new hires in Lexington, KY, where he has provided exceptional leadership, training, and guidance that has influenced the safety culture of the ABF Service Center.”