Pub. 3 2023 Issue 1

Truesdell’s Safety Tips

Will a thorough pre-trip
inspection prevent a violation?
In this edition of Truesdell’s Safety Tips, I would like to discuss the correlation between a thorough pre-trip inspection and the “Top 5” most cited or discovered violations as listed by FMCSA. Said violations are grouped or listed at a national level, as well as the “Top 5” as cited here in Kentucky. There are both similarities and differences between the lists.

From Under the Truck to Behind the Wheel Vol. 2

I have not driven much since obtaining the CDL, but I did get some unique seat time in late August. In preparation for the KTA Annual Conference, held at the French Lick Resort and Casino in Indiana, I was given the opportunity to drive a truck that few have been allowed to drive. No, it wasn’t around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway; it wasn’t even entirely outside. I drove a 2023 Kenworth, compliments of Kenworth of Louisville, inside the French Lick Resort Ballroom.